On Tuesday, 1st September, at 8.30pm, we will be hosting a Zoom event with world-renowned author John Dickie who will discuss his book The Craft.

As I'm sure many of you have seen, The Craft has only recently been published, but has already received quite a lot of interest within Masonic (social media) circles, as well as the mainstream media. We will spend around an hour with its author while he delves into his book.

Despite being a Cowan, as masons call non-members, I enjoyed this book enormously!

Dominic Sandbrook – The Times

This is a free event, open to any subscribing member of a Lodge under UGLE. To register, please enter your details in the form displayed on this page.

Don't forget to get your copy before it sells out (again):
'The Craft' on Amazon UK

There is no dress code, so please feel free to come as you are.

This event is now over.