The New and Young Masons Clubs

Following 2016’s NYMC Conference, hosted by Somerset’s Adair Club, it was decided to create a more formal group, the NYMC, to offer advice on the running and setting-up of a new/young Masons’ club to existing and yet to be formed clubs, to be a conduit between the NYMCs and UGLE’s Improvement Delivery Group, offer assistance to the Conference hosting club for that year’s event and to promote the benefits of Masonic social clubs to the wider Masonic community.

In 2017, the NYMC was honoured to discover that the Pro Grand Master, MW Bro Peter Lowndes, had appointed RW Bro Gareth Jones, Provincial Grand Master for South Wales and Third Grand Principal, as a liaison between UGLE and the NYMC

"It [the NYMC] really is a splendid initiative and I congratulate all those involved."

Pro Grand Master, MW Bro Peter Lowndes, Quarterly Communication, March 2017.

Currently, the group consists of representatives of many of the clubs from around England and Wales including The Connaught Club (London), The Adair Club (Somerset), The Colonnade Club (South Wales), Fleet House Light Blues Club (Hertfordshire), The Holywell Club (Sussex) and The Essex Cornerstone Club to name a few!

Since its inception, the NYMC group has received nothing but positive feedback and support from UGLE. In May 2017, the group was invited to give a presentation to the Provincial Grand Masters’ Forum at Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen St, London. In attendance were Pro Grand Master, MW Bro Peter Lowndes; Deputy Grand Master, RW Bro Jonathan Spence (keynote speaker at the 2017 NYMC Conference); as well as many of the Provincial Grand Masters from across England and Wales.

The objective of the presentation was to convey the benefits of a new and young Mason club and how they increase engagement with Freemasonry in general. It is hoped that the NYMC presentation inspired those representatives in attendance, whose Province doesn’t currently boast a NYMC, to create a club and to also motivate others to give as much support as possible to the club(s) in their Province.

Over 45 new and young Mason clubs have been formed in the UK!

The NYMC group and its clubs have featured in the Freemasonry Today magazine on several occasions, most notably in Summer 2013 (Rough Ashlar Club), Spring 2015 (Adair Club), Winter 2015 (The inaugural NYMC Conference), Spring 2017 (The NYMC at QC) and Autumn 2017 (The Essex Cornerstone Club). We would like to thank Freemasonry Today for all of their support over the years.

Our aims for the future are to continue to promote the benefits of Masonic social clubs throughout Freemasonry and hope for the continued success for all new and young Mason clubs.


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