The Conference

In October 2015, The Connaught Club (London’s young Masons club) hosted the inaugural New and Young Masons’ Clubs Conference at Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street. The Conference’s objective was to bring together all of the new (‘light blue’) and young Mason clubs from around the UK to exchange ideas, discuss which events have worked well for their respective clubs, present best practices they’ve discovered and impart any event organising tips they possess. Over 120 Brethren, representing 32 Provinces, attended.

Six clubs – The Connaught Club, Southampton Light Blues Club, Holywell Club (Sussex), Colonnade Club (South Wales), Buckinghamshire Northeast Corner Club and the Adair Club (Somerset), each delivered 20 minute presentations on their respective clubs. Details included how their clubs were formed, their admin processes, financial planning, event organisation, issues they had encountered and the plans they had for the future of their clubs.

Conference Hosts:

2015 – The Connaught Club (London)

2016 – The Adair Club (Somerset)

2017 – Five of Nine Club (Warwickshire)

2018 – The Colonnade Club (South Wales)

2019 – The Leicestershire and Rutland Light Blue Club

2020 – Postponed (CV19)

2021 – Fleet House Light Blues Club

Each year, all clubs in the NYMC group are invited to pitch to host the following year’s Conference. Clubs that would like to host are asked to submit a pitch document outlining their plan for the event, capacity of the proposed venue, a brief history of their club, location and other information they think would make them an attractive option. Once all of the pitch documents have been received and disseminated to the other clubs in the group, a vote is taken, with each club possessing just one vote.

In 2017, three clubs, The Colonnade Club (South Wales), The Essex Cornerstone Club and Sussex’s Holywell Club, threw their Masonic hats in the ring in the hope of hosting the 2018 NYMC Conference. The votes for which have been cast, counted and confirmed. On Saturday 14th October, at the 2017 Conference in Birmingham, The Five of Nine Club announced The Colonnade Club as their successor!

The Installation meeting of The Connaught Club’s Lodge, Burgoyne Lodge, No. 902, following the 2015 Conference.


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